Since its launch, the Alliance has enjoyed dynamic growth in its global network of partners, including national and multilateral partners, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, investors, foundations, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, trade associations, and women’s cooperatives.  

National and regional alliances help advance the Alliance’s goals and play an important role in expanding national markets for clean cooking technology and disseminating information on clean cooking solutions. These alliances also convene in-country partners and other sector stakeholders and advocate for national and regional policies that to further enable clean cookstove and fuel markets worldwide. The Alliance has recognized national alliance affiliates in Bangladesh, China, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, and Uganda, and is in the process of formalizing relationships with existing and nascent alliances in other countries and regions.

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Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

The Alliance’s public-private model builds on the strengths and expertise of a wide range of partners and stakeholders across the clean cooking sector including national governments and policy-makers, the private sector, UN and multilateral institutions, research organizations, professional and women’s associations, civil society, and investors. By leveraging its strategic, advocacy, outreach, and programmatic role with the work of our partners around the globe, the Alliance is able to mobilize a diverse and powerful international constituency to achieve our mission.

To tap the power of cross-cutting public-private partnerships, the Alliance is proud to work in collaboration with the following strategic partnership and global initiatives:

  • Climate and Clean Air Coalition
  • Clinton Global Initiative
  • Cooking for Life
  • Energy for All
  • Every Woman Every Child
  • Global Bioenergy Partnership
  • Global LPG Partnership
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
  • Safe Access to Fuel and Energy
  • Sustainable Energy for All
  • World Access to Modern Energy – Milan Expo 2015
  • World LPG Association