Experts from 43 participating countries and 8 international liaison organizations are currently reviewing a standards document on field testing submitted this month to ISO Technical Committee 285 on Clean Cookstoves and Clean Cooking Solutions. The document, ISO CD 19869 Guidance on Field Testing Methods for Cookstoves, will be reviewed and voted on as part of a three-month open ballot period to decide if the document is ready for the next stage of ISO approval.  The TC 285 Working Group on Field Testing will be responsible for addressing these comments in order to further strengthen the document.

TC 285 is the key body developing and approving standards for the cookstoves and fuels sector.  The package of standards, which can benefit all stakeholders through a common terminology for communicating, understanding, and improving stove and fuel performance and adoption, includes laboratory testing, field testing, and social impacts, ensuring that technologies achieve goals for health, livelihoods, and the environment. Including contributions from many stakeholder groups and across many countries is a priority for the standards process to ensure the standards are universally accepted and implemented. The open ballot period is a key step to increase participation and contributions.

To facilitate their work to develop ISO CD 19869 the TC 285 Working Group on Field Testing developed the “Cookstove Field Study Resources”.  The resource was created to support researchers, designers, or manufacturers who want to assess a product’s performance in the field or a community’s exposure to pollutants. The document provides basic information on study design, sample size, sampling methods, and data collection. Examples of forms and survey questions are provided that may be freely used or amended to suit the needs of study teams.


For information on participating in the ballot process, please contact your National Standards Organization or visit this webpage.