This 2014 Results Report infographic is a preview of the full Alliance 2014 Results Report, which will be released at the Clean Cooking Forum in Ghana this November. This annual report, drawing on data from our partners, assesses the health of the market and provides a snapshot of how the Alliance is progressing in its strategic vision of facilitating the adoption of 100 million cookstoves by 2020 as reported by our partners. Each Alliance partner’s contribution to the Results Report helps to demonstrate the collaborative progress being made and informs donor, investor, and other decision-making about funding and investment in the sector. In line with the Alliance’s Phase 2 priorities, market-enabling activities have resulted in a higher volume of available clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels in 2014.

The Alliance’s support of testing centers has enabled the sector to better assess the benefits of clean cooking solutions. As more technologies and testing data is collected, the sector’s ability to track trends in the availability of clean and efficient cooking solutions and their impacts over time will increase. For the first time the forthcoming 2014 Results Report summarizes the estimated performance of distributed stoves and fuels.

The Alliance continues to strengthen its efforts to track clean fuel production, accessibility, and use in order to better assess health and environmental benefits. While this year’s estimates capture the reach of clean fuels in a more meaningful way, particularly in India and China, they are only a small part of the full picture that the Alliance is striving to complete over time. Take a first look at the Results Report Infographic, and keep an eye out for the full report release coming soon.  

For more information on the Alliance’s M&E activities, see Measuring Progress.