The comment period has closed, however the Alliance is keeping this information available as a resource:

The Alliance, in collaboration with the International Center for Research on women (ICRW), is creating a set of indicators for measuring the diverse social impacts of clean cookstove initiatives at both the global and local program levels. Global-level measurement will enable the Alliance to understand the types and magnitude of social impact being achieved world-wide in order to tell a story about how clean cookstoves are creating social change across contexts and settings. At the local level, measurement systems can be used by individual cookstove initiatives to document setting-specific social impact, and will motivate them to adjust their business model or practices to maximize these effects. As part of this monitoring and evaluation effort, we will develop data collection tools and management and analysis systems to make the M&E process feasible and informative for on-the-ground cookstove initiatives and help develop a data capture and analysis system for aggregating data from hundreds of programs around the world.

To date, ICRW has conducted background research and convened a Social Impact Steering Committee to develop a detailed conceptual framework, draft a set of indicators, and data-collection methodologies to measure the potential impact of clean cooking and fuel initiatives on gender and livelihoods outcomes. Building on a Social Impact Steering Committee meeting held in October 2014 and extensive background research, ICRW has created a framework, upon which the Alliance and ICRW will build a global M&E system to measure the social impacts of the clean cooking sector. The next phase of this project will include developing and testing methodologies to measure these indicators in the field. We request that Alliance partners and members of the steering committee review these documents (the narrative conceptual framework, the accompanying graphics, and the list of indicators) and provide feedback to the Alliance and ICRW to incorporate into the final version. Please send your comments in track changes to Allie Glinski ( and Corinne Hart ( by Friday, March 27, 2015.


The International Standards Organization (ISO) has also convened a social impact working group (WG4) as part of the standards setting process for clean cookstoves. We are closely aligned with them and are providing input into their process based off of the research, field testing, and feedback from this project. For more information on the ISO process generally, you can reach out to the Alliance’s Director of Standards, Technology and Fuels, Ranyee Chiang at