Solar cooking influencers from around the world gathered in Goraj, India in January for the 6th SCI World Conference, organized by Solar Cookers International. Over 250 experts, scientists, executives, innovators, key policymakers, educators, and enthusiasts from 30 countries came together to forge new partnerships, maximize collaboration, and offer best practices. The 58 presentations and 5 plenary sessions covered a range of topics, including refugee camp projects, performance evaluation, entrepreneurship, advocacy, financing, and coalition building.

As part of the event, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves hosted a two-day Boost workshop for entrepreneurs engaged in the solar cooking sector to improve their business skills.

Over the course of the workshop, 17 participants from 7 countries worked through a series of “learn by doing” modules that enable entrepreneurs to learn concepts while developing a business plan. With this format, entrepreneurs could reflect on various aspects of their business and create templates that can be used to apply for grant and investment funding opportunities.  Many participants expressed appreciation for the elevator pitch exercise at the end of the worksh­­op.

“I liked the elevator pitch the most,” said Ramesh Moliya from Grow Green Energy Private Limited. “I was aware of these concepts but the discipline of actually writing and presenting your elevator pitch using the format provided was very helpful.”

Catlyin Hughes, Program Manager at Solar Cookers International said participants were very receptive to the workshop curriculum and that this was the first time SCI was able to provide entrepreneurship-focused training to the solar cooking sector.

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