Organizations directly involved in the implementation of clean cooking solutions, which may include design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, or sale of stoves or fuels by the private sector, NGOs, humanitarian groups, or others.

  • Women And Children Foundation
  • Women Together
  • Fawad Chula Manufacturing Company
  • Matter
  • Real Flame
  • Green Resources and Engineering in Efficient New Technologies (U) Ltd (GREENTechnologies (U) Ltd)
  • One World Medicine Clinic
  • CSO
  • Support Initiative for Health, Education, and Development - Shedi Kenya
  • Alternatives Ménages, Nature et Marchés
  • Akassa Development Foundation
  • Save The Young Girls Foundation
  • Tulips International Foundation
  • United Children Integrated Development Action Uganda (UNCIDA UGANDA)
  • Mkaa Poa Halisi
  • Almighty Services Plus
  • Sugu Power Company
  • Watoto Vision on Africa
  • Kijani Verde Ltd
  • Community Partners International (CPI)
  • Sustainable Alternatives for Rural Accord (SARA) Centre
  • Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA)

Service Providers

Organizations that provide professional services to other clean cooking implementers, which may include research, testing, capacity building, business support, or other services.

  • Casamiga Cookstoves
  • Jaklen Muoi Tuyen Foundation
  • AKSG Enterprises
  • Engineers Without Borders Rwanda (EWB-Rwanda)
  • Abuja Global People's Hub
  • Mwangaza Light
  • Husk Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Elimcol


Government partners who support the Alliance’s mission and goals and make a national commitment to the adoption of cleaner, more modern stoves and fuels; take a leadership role in disseminating cleaner stoves and fuels or employing best practices; and/or provide funding or in-kind services to the Alliance.

  • Agence pour L’Energie Domestique et L’Environnement, Chad