In Phase 2, the Alliance will build upon its early momentum and success to ensure that we reach our goal of 60 million households adopting cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels by the end of 2017. We will further catalyze markets and spur adoption by designing transformational global, national, and community-based public awareness campaigns that underscore the multifaceted problem and promote sustainable behavior change. We will continue to work to ensure a steady infusion of capital for innovation, production, distribution, and consumer financing mechanisms that enable greater purchase and adoption of clean cooking solutions by those who need them most. In addition, we will bolster large-scale research efforts, national and international standards processes, labeling and certification of cookstoves, and enterprise and NGO capacity-building to create a thriving marketplace capable of reaching and engaging the last mile.

This Roadmap suggests a path forward for the Alliance and the sector in Phase 2. It is a living document. While the Roadmap reflects our lessons learned in Phase 1 and the input of partners, we continue to welcome further comments to strengthen our collective approach. The Alliance envisions that the sector will need approximately $500 million in grant and investment resources to achieve these goals. Specific implementation plans and timelines will be dependent on resources generated.

Please find the executive summary of the Phase 2 Roadmap here. To view the entire extended document here (135 pgs), or reach out to the Alliance at