Sustainable Energy for All has launched the People-Centered Accelerator, a voluntary partnership-led initiative that aims to advance social inclusion, gender equality and women’s empowerment in sustainable energy. The Accelerator, supported by multiple partners including the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves,​ aims to enhance clean energy access for the poorest people who will not be reached by business as usual approaches. The Accelerator will focus on unlocking finance from private and public sources, strengthening collaboration and connections between stakeholders in the energy, gender and social justice sectors and increasing women’s full participation in sustainable energy solutions.

Speaking at the launch during COP23 in Germany, Rachel Kyte, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and CEO, Sustainable Energy for All, said: “Part of the ambition of the Paris Agreement was to “leave no one behind”. The world has committed to leave no one behind. To keep this promise as we move through a clean energy transition, we need to think differently about how we deliver affordable, reliable and modern energy services to those who are most marginalized. By promoting the inclusion of women and the most marginalized in society, in efforts to achieve universal energy access, the energy transition can truly be for all.”

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