The Alliance has released the first Call for Concepts for its new grant facility – the Humanitarian Clean Cooking Fund (HCCF).  With support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), HCCF will provide two grants of up to USD $250,000 each for the scale up of projects working to increase access to cleaner, more efficient fuels and cooking technology for crisis-affected people. The call will be open until July 21st, 2017.  Interested partners may apply here. The Alliance will hold a webinar on July 12thto provide more information on HCCF and address frequently asked questions.

The Need

Over 125 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance today – displaced from their homes by conflict, violence, and natural disasters. Much of the food provided by humanitarian agencies to these crisis-affected people must be cooked before it can be eaten. Yet efficient cookstoves and fuel are rarely provided, forcing people to cook over smoky, polluting fires using solid fuels such as charcoal, wood, and agricultural waste.