The Clean Cooking Alliance (Alliance) today released its 2019 Annual Report, highlighting progress and accomplishments of the Alliance and its partners last year.

The report showcases major milestones, such as convening the Clean Cooking Forum 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya; producing the inaugural Industry Snapshot on sector investment and innovation; and launching “Clean Cooking Is…”, the first-of-its-kind global campaign created exclusively to drive greater support for and investment in clean cooking. This year’s report also features a series of interviews with clean cooking sector leaders and stakeholders from around the world.

“The past year, I have seen increased dialogue around clean cooking across the whole spectrum – the global community, governments, civil society, and beyond,” Dan K. Marangu, the Director of Renewable Energy at the Kenya Ministry of Energy, says in the report. “These conversations have increased clean cooking’s visibility, while enhancing policy dialogues that help expand clean cooking access. High-level interactions with key stakeholders have also led to workable solutions that help bridge the funding gap in clean cooking.”

In 2019, the Alliance delivered on a wide range of efforts to mobilize investment for building a pipeline of scalable companies, foster an enabling environment that allows the sector to thrive, and drive consumer demand.

Notable moments from 2019 include:

  • Co-hosting the Clean Cooking Forum 2019 with the Kenya Ministry of Energy, where more than 500 people from 50 countries gathered in Nairobi to support and drive progress toward universal access to clean cooking;
  • Publishing the “Clean Cooking Industry Snapshot 2019,” a report tracking progress toward a dynamic, financially sustainable clean cooking industry based on operating and financial performance data from over 40 companies;
  • Providing mentoring, business advisory services, and targeted grants to companies with significant commercial and impact potential, including ATEC Biodigesters, Mimi Moto, the Advanced Studies in Appropriate Technology Lab, and BURN Manufacturing;
  • Co-hosting workshops in Kenya and Nepal, in which 120 participants discussed lessons learned from Alliance-supported behavior change interventions that took place from 2015-2018 across eight countries;
  • Co-hosting a standards workshop in Uganda that brought together more than 70 participants from 11 African countries to discuss the role of standards in driving access to clean cooking solutions; and
  • Launching the “Clean Cooking Is…” campaign, the first global advocacy campaign and digital activation strategy built to drive greater awareness, engagement, and support for clean cooking.

“Clean cooking is the impossible made possible,” Ed Brown, Research Director for the Modern Energy Cooking Services program, says in the report. “We’re beginning to see people within the clean cooking space and people within the electrification space saying, ‘Wow, this is actually feasible; this is something that could happen and could have a dramatic impact on accelerating the transition toward modern energy cooking services.’”

In addition to interviews with Marangu and Brown, the report features in-depth conversations with clean cooking sector leaders such as Second Lady of Ghana H.E. Samira Bawumia; Neha Juneja, co-founder of Greenway Appliances (who also received the Alliance’s 2019 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award); Agnes Kalyonge, CEO of Jikoni Magic; and Greg Murray, CEO of KOKO Networks.

To read the complete 2019 Annual Report, click here.