May 2, 2018, Lisbon -- At the Sustainable Energy for All Forum today, The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves announced Chebet Lesan as the winner of its Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award program, in its second year, recognizes outstanding female leaders in the household energy sector who are advancing clean cooking solutions in emerging markets.

Chebet founded BrightGreen in 2015 to create cost-cutting, eco-friendly cooking fuel for low-income families in Kenya. BrightGreen produces and processes organic and agro-waste into eco-friendly charcoal briquettes. Families cook with the briquettes, which burn more efficiently than unprocessed solid fuels. In addition to her roles as founder and CEO of BrightGreen, Chebet also serves as a mentor, educator, and role model for women and students in her community.

“I’m passionate about my work,” says Chebet. “I’m passionate about serving low-income communities, about solving their challenges, and about co-creating and thinking through solutions with them, and I’m honored to receive this award from the Alliance.”