Organizations directly involved in the implementation of clean cooking solutions, which may include design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, or sale of stoves or fuels by the private sector, NGOs, humanitarian groups, or others.

  • Friends of the Nation
  • Participatory Rural Development Centre
  • Apex Conservancy Organization 
  • Simply Green Worldwide
  • EuroLPG BV
  • Notton Limited
  • CanKor
  • Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC)
  • Hanny G. Investment Ltd. 
  • HASAL Microfinance Bank Ltd. 
  • Peace Point Action 
  • DGWX
  • Envirofit India Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Atma Kalyan Sangshta 
  • Giros Ambientales by Joserrego
  • Alite Ltd. 
  • Ngece Rinjeu Foundation 
  • Ligue des Africains du Canada 
  • Rural Aid Pakistan 

Service Providers

Organizations that provide professional services to other clean cooking implementers, which may include research, testing, capacity building, business support, or other services.

  • Garner
  • Sensen
  • Congo Green Health Ltd. 
  • MicroEnergy International GmbH
  • Association des Femmes Ingénieurs de Mali
  • Association GreenCom
  • Earth Industries 


Government partners who support the Alliance’s mission and goals and make a national commitment to the adoption of cleaner, more modern stoves and fuels; take a leadership role in disseminating cleaner stoves and fuels or employing best practices; and/or provide funding or in-kind services to the Alliance.

  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • KIASI Ltd. 
  • Jumuiya Women Fund (JWF)
  • Municipalidad Distrito de Rosario
  • Cygni Energy Private Limited

Donor Partners

Donor partners represent bilateral, corporate, multilateral, foundation, non-profit, or individual contributors who make a financial commitment to the Alliance. Donor partners can also provide valuable contributions in the form of unrestricted or targeted financial or in-kind support. 

  • Reverend Father Benjamin and Ugah Adzor Foundation


Those who support the Alliance’s mission and goals, but do not directly implement clean cooking solutions or provide professional services to implementers. This may include organizations active in related fields, investors, faith-based charities, advocacy groups, or interested individuals.

  • Garden of Eden CBO
  • UBC