This week, the United Nations Foundation launched its #EqualEverywhere Campaign, highlighting the voices of women champions from around the world who are fighting for gender equality. 

The Alliance is proud that the campaign features the stories of three women entrepreneurs from Haiti, India, and Uganda who are working to improve access to clean cooking and to empower women. Read their stories by clicking on the links below.   

Kalinda Magloire is the CEO and founder of SWITCH, S.A., a Haitian enterprise that helps its customers transition from cooking with charcoal - which emits toxic smoke when burned - to clean-burning cooking gas. With a mission of improving livelihoods, protecting the environment, preserving health, creating jobs, and empowering women, SWITCH is changing lives for the better. 


Neha Juneja, winner of the Alliance's 2019 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, co-founded Greenway Appliances, which has since become the largest cookstove enterprise in India. Greenway focuses on the needs of low-income consumers and Juneja, recognizing the barriers that many women face when trying to enter the workforce, is dedicated to promoting women’s economic empowerment.


Betty Ikalany, winner of the Alliance's 2017 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, is the founder of Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies Ltd (AEST), a women-led social enterprise in eastern Uganda. She is driven to provide women with opportunities to enter the clean cooking value chain, offering not only economic empowerment but also improved livelihoods.