COVID-19 is impacting countries, communities, and businesses around the world. The Clean Cooking Alliance is working to provide the latest resources and guidance to companies, employees, and families from across the clean cooking sector.

This page features links to online information, digital tools, and other resources that may be helpful in adapting to the changing landscape. We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.


Practical advice for businesses and implementing organizations:

  • A new SDG 7 COVID-19 Energy Access Relief Fund;
  • GET.invest has opened a Covid-19 window within its Finance Catalyst to provide business and project developers with free-of-cost advisory to help navigate the crisis; 
  • African Management Institute has developed its COVID-19 Business Survival Bootcampa 90-minute interactive webinar
  • brief prepared by Bain, offers advice to companies on immediate actions to take during this crisis;
  • COVID-19 resources from GET.invest; 
  • A COVID-19 Economic Impact Assessment from Oxford Business Group that provides analysis on the implications for key sectors and the investment environment;
  • University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business’ Online Seminar Series: Organizational and Leadership Resilience in Challenging Times;
  • Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship has created its own COVID-19 resource page, which includes a recent webinar as well as various other information;
  • Equalife’s $20 million East Africa-focused Venture Debt COVID Relief Fund;
  • ANDE's COVID-19 page includes various helpful resources;
  • EY's virtual resources for enterprises, including a financial modeling tool, a platform for businesses to identify high-impact, high-urgency priorities, and a page dedicated to COVID-19 responses
  •, a new initiative for startups, projects, or initiatives, gathers solutions for challenges related to COVID-19;
  • A new Impact Fund from the Open Road Alliance provides short-term bridge loans to social impact organizations primarily in Africa, the U.S., Latin America, and South Asia that run into unexpected obstacles on their path to scale;
  • Vusi Thembekwayo, acclaimed business mogul and global speaker, shares five things small business owners need to know to survive the pandemic; 
  • To help entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and businesses around the world, Duke University's Center for Social Entrepreneurship has put together a searchable database that includes grants, loans, and other cash equivalents;
  • The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development has created a COVID-19 resource page that contains ideas and resources on how donor and development agencies might adjust their private sector development (PSD) interventions to mitigate the negative social and economic impacts of the Coronavirus;
  • Tech London Advocates' COVID-19 Resource Hub, which features blogs, podcasts, events, and contacts for experts offering pro bono services; and 
  • ESG & Impact talent/recruitment specialist Sillman Thomas is offering advisory services pro bono over the next 12 weeks. If interested, please e-mail Peter George, Senior Director, Private Sector & Investment at the Clean Cooking Alliance at


COVID-19 status updates:


Crowdsourced templates:

  • Going Remote Overnight: Preparing for COVID-19: NOBL Academy recently published a crowdsourced list of advice and templates from companies that rapidly moved to distributed working.
  • Company Playbook by Almanac: This website includes crowdsourced tools and templates from 100+ companies, including templates and checklists for communicating with employees about COVID-19.


Useful chat, meeting, and project management tools for remote work:

  • WebEx: This video conferencing system offers a free subscription option and has recently expanded capabilities to include features such as unlimited usage, the ability to support up to 100 participants in a single virtual meeting, and toll-free dial-in phone numbers (in addition to existing VoIP capabilities).
  • Zoom: This video conferencing system is likewise expanding its free subscription service to include additional features such as support for up to 100 participants in a single virtual meeting.
  • Google Hangouts: This video conferencing system is expanding its free services to include the ability for up to 250 participants to join per meeting, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain, and the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive.
  • Slack: Often used for company chat groups, Slack offers nonprofits the ability to use their service free of charge for up to 250 users, after which they will discount 85% for additional users.
  • Asana: A web and mobile app to help teams organize, track, and manage work.
  • Trello: A project management and organization app used by Google, Kickstarter, and Fender.
  • 12 Remote Tools Buffer Can’t Live Without