TIME Magazine's new TIME 2030 project, a series exploring how to solve the world's most pressing challenges, has highlighted clean cooking as a priority for the next decade. Clean Cooking Champion José Andrés is prominently featured and calls attention to the climate and environment, health, and gender benefits of transitioning to cleaner, more modern stoves and fuels, stating that "clean cooking is truly the best investment we can make for a healthier humanity and a healthier planet."

Andrés is joined by globally recognized names such as Actor Angelina Jolie, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, and African Leadership Group Founder Fred Swaniker as members of the 2030 Advisory Committee.


"Today, nearly half the world’s population still depends on open fires and solid fuels to cook their meals. Millions of people—mostly women, who do the cooking, and their children—die every year because of the smoke and pollution from these fires. Their children, usually daughters, may spend hours each day gathering wood, keeping them out of school and putting them into dangerous situations as they go out alone and unprotected. Cutting trees for fuel leads to deforestation, causing landslides and erosion of fertile land that can run off into the ocean, damaging coral reefs and marine ecosystems. It is a negative feedback loop with huge consequences, and it costs the global economy trillions of dollars annually. The solution to this global crisis is simple but amazing: clean cooking."

Read the full article from TIME Magazine here.