The Alliance is focused on interventions that are transformational in nature, are beyond the ability of any one individual organization to accomplish, and that fit within six key value propositions that will enable the Alliance to promote a thriving global market for clean cookstoves and fuels.  These core Alliance competencies include:

  • Catalyzing the Sector and Brokering Partnerships – convene stakeholders around a central strategy for addressing the issue and foster connections among diverse constituencies;
  • Mobilizing Resources – Attract new partners, expertise, and funding to the sector;
  • Increasing Investments – Build capacity of the sector to be ‘investment ready’, and raise the profile of the issue within the investment community;
  • Championing the Sector and Advocating for Change – Advance clean cooking solutions on national and international agendas, and advocate for national and local governments to create a favorable policy and regulatory environment;
  • Promoting International Standards and Strengthening Testing Centers – Help develop and implement emissions, efficiency, and safety standards for cookstoves and build capacity within national and regional knowledge and testing centers;
  • Coordinating Sector Knowledge and Promoting Research in the Sector – Commission, collect, and coordinate research within the sector and related fields to build the evidence base for policies and programs that promote cleaner and more efficient cookstove technologies and fuels.