SOCAP Conference 2014

During Phase 1, the Alliance and its partners helped over 20 million households adopt cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels. These clean cooking solutions have helped save tens of thousands of lives, protected millions of trees in vulnerable ecosystems, and created hundreds of thousands of jobs.

While Phase 1 of the Alliance was dedicated to launching global and in-country efforts to rapidly grow the sector, Phase 2 focuses on driving investments, innovation, and operations to scale, with an ambitious goal of enabling 60 million households to adopt clean cooking solutions by 2017.  In addition to emphasizing scale, Phase 2 also marks a significant shift towards demand creation, while continuing to the Alliance’s work to strengthen supply and foster the enabling environment for clean cooking solutions. Toward this goal, the Alliance is working to better understand the cookstove and fuel needs of consumers, and to leverage this understanding to launch targeted awareness-raising campaigns in our focus countries and at the international level in order to drive demand for cleaner cooking solutions.  

The Alliance is working with financial institutions and others stakeholders to make these cleaner solutions more affordable to consumers at the base of the pyramid by facilitating guarantees and new consumer financing products and delivery models. And we are also working to increase accessibility of clean cookstoves and fuels by strengthening existing last-mile distribution channels and leveraging new ones by funding pilots, building capacity for enterprises, and compiling and sharing best-practices.  The Alliance is also spurring efforts to  increase the integration of women in the clean cookstove value chain by empowering them to be clean cookstove and fuel entrepreneurs, and providing training and financing through the Women’s Empowerment Fund for the development of sustainable enterprises.   
As demand for clean cookstoves and fuels grows, supply will need to keep pace to ensure consumers are able to purchase the products they want and need.  The Alliance will continue to engage in a graduated approach to provide and drive private investment and direct enterprise capacity-building, with support mechanisms ranging from early stage grant funding, through subsidized capital, to angel equity, and ultimately commercial capital.  

Our Phase 2 efforts also reflect a continued emphasis on promoting technology innovation for increased stove and fuel performance and benefits via our leadership in the ongoing ISO process to create a set of standards for the sector to ensure that technologies achieve the desired benefits for health, livelihoods, and the environment.  The Alliance will also ramp up efforts to roll-out certification and labeling in our focus countries to ensure adherence to global standards and allow consumers to make informed choices.  

We continue to support robust global research demonstrating the negative health, environmental and gender impacts from the use of solid fuels in open fires and traditional cookstove, and the net benefits of cleaner and more efficient cooking options in order to drive greater investment in the sector.