The Clean Cooking Alliance is working with a cross section of donors from government, foundations, the private sector, and civil society to build a thriving market for clean cookstoves and fuels and increase investment in the sector.  The Alliance’s market-based approach brings together the assets of the public and private sectors to ensure positive financial, social, and environmental returns and allow us to address household air pollution at scale. Grants from donors provide the resources for much of the Alliance’s work to support the enabling environment for clean cookstoves and fuels, including ground-breaking research, clean cookstove standards, and enterprise and civil society capacity building, and this in turn makes it more attractive for investors to invest their capital for strong financial and social returns.  

Gifts from private individuals committed to supporting the development of life-saving, life-changing clean cookstoves and fuels represent a growing share of the Alliance’s funding and play a critical role in the Alliance’s ability to support the work of entrepreneurs, women’s groups, research and testing laboratories, and other clean cooking stakeholders.


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